Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Dakota Bound Watch On Live

Dakota Bound Watch On Live
Title: Dakota Bound
Country: USA, Canada
Year: 2001
Genre: Azione, avventura, softcore
Director: Lloyd A. Simandl
Release Date: 12 Novembre 2001
Cast: Fawnia Mondey, Esther Hanuka, John Comer, Eva Aichmajer, Lenka Jelinek, Katerina Cermak, Olga Schmidt, Elin Spidla, David O'Kelly, Daniela Krhut, Andrea Fryk, Jaroslav Jirik

.: Plot :.

In the future civilisation has collapsed and the world has been hurled into a new dark age where sex is the only currency and slavery is a way of life.
The now fully-grown (and gorgeous) female students of a small isolated girls school have managed to survive amongst the chaos. To the predatory bands of white slave traders roving the countryside the nubile girls are perfect prey as they plan their escape to the only secure place in America, Dakota Mountain.

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